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Conference Tackles Impact of War on Children
1st December 2008
Social and medical experts and NGOs examined the impact of war on children in the Middle East and the North Africa (MENA) region in a two-day conference organized by the Information and Research Centre (IRC) in Amman in November 2008. The conference was organized in partnership with Al Quds University and largely funded by the Child Watch Research Network.
Under the conference title Children Have No Place in War, issues such as substance abuse, anxiety and maladaptive reactions, child soldiers, and inter-generational trauma among long-term refugees demonstrated the destructive impact of wars on the future of children in Palestine, Iraq and Sudan as well as refugees in host countries like Jordan, Syria, Egypt and Lebanon.
Substance abuse among children affected by war

Participants presented findings on substance abuse among Sudanese street children, anxiety and maladaptive reaction among refugee children, inter-generational trauma among long-term refugees as in the case of the Palestinians, child soldiers in Sudan, and war and its destructive impact on mental health among Iraqi children.

Other papers presented legal cases involving refugee children, child victims of adult wars, child rights situation analysis in Gaza, smuggling children out of Yemen, psychological reactions to the Israeli occupation, and practical mechanisms for the role of non-governmental organizations in protecting children from abuse during and after armed conflict.
Conference participants focused in the main on the improvement of regional research methodologies and objectives, and the coordination of these among academic and action-oriented bodies in order to improve intervention methods as well as preventative and protective impact. Some recommendations included building online network support, using new forms of communications, creating information data systems and using these to feed into research as well as to disseminate research information to the public.
Child victim of war poses with bomb
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