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Over 600 health services provided to the uninsured in Qweismeh
15th September 2014

The sound of children filled the air as individuals and families participated in the Institute for Family Health's (IFH) free medical day in their new clinic in Qweismeh. The two day activities, on the 3rd and 4th of September, reached over 500 peoples and provided more than 600 services to those in need. These medical days were not limited to a particular field, but offered services on general medicine, women's health, diabetes, breast cancer screening, and examination of sight and hearing. Medical services were also accompanied by fun filled kids activities like face painting. The students at the 'Luminance Charity For The Blind' kindergarten particularly enjoyed the activities and received their own specialized bifocal glasses. Highlighting the day's success, the students wrote a letter to the IFH expressing their hope for more such medical days in the future. 

The director of the IFH Dr. Manal Tahtamoni highlighted the aim behind the activities saying: "we seek to increase our free medical campaigns to provide health care services and medicines to poverty pockets areas in Jordan, particularly to those families without access to health insurance". These efforts were appreciated, with a patient from Zarqa going as far as to bring her family to the event in Qweismeh after benefiting herself from a similar event at the IFH clinic in Zarqa. "The event and the services provided are unique", said Um Mohammad*, who was happy to participate. 

However, the event was not a standalone activity, but was part of a larger outreach initiative to introduce the IFH's newly opened clinic in Qweismeh among local residents including Syrian refugees. 

The Qweismeh clinic is one among other 11 IFH's clinics in Salt, Zarqa and Amman governorates that specialize in providing awareness and services in reproductive health and family planning, prevention of gender based violence, psycho-social counseling and support to youth and adults, as well as a capacity building program to community based organization. These activities are made possible through the program "Support for the Syrian Population Affected by the Crisis'" in partnership with the European Union, and the Italian organization AIDOS. 

*names have been changed
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