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Creating a substantial network of experts on trauma
28th September 2014

Victims of torture are subjected to organized and often severe forms of violence, and thus require specialized care and attention. As they attempt to cope, their relationships can collapse, their family and social lives become strained, or worse – their lives completely shattered. Within this context, the Institute for Family Health (IFH) is hosting and participating in a regional training program to develop and improve access to rehabilitation of victims of torture among Iraqi and Syrian refugees residing at camps and host communities. The specialized training equips professionals in the MENA region with advance psychotherapy techniques utilizing the Narrative Exposure Therapy. This technique attempts to help victims of violence organize fragmented and painful memories into a coherent and autobiographical narrative. By speaking up and attempting to reframe their memories with the assistance of therapists they are enabled to heal and move on. 

As part of the program entitled "Provide Specialized Rehabilitation Services for Victims of Torture of Iraqis Living in Jordan, Syria, Iraq and the Middle East", IFH is hosting this series of training in partnership with Dignity, Danish Institute against Torture. The program is unique in the region for being the only provider of Narrative Exposure Therapy training. Moreover, it brings together expertise from the region, through the participation of organizations and trauma centers that cater to victims of torture, particularly refugees. The participants represented Lebanon, Kurdistan, Palestine, Egypt, Libya, Jordan, and Iraq. The program provides critical knowledge and implements it across the region, creating a small but substantial network of experts.

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