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Jubilee School App Reaches Top 20 Among Edutainment Games Globally
7th December 2014

The boys in Sa'eda Shdaifat's design classes mocked her, believing she did not belong among them as "IT was a boys' club". So when she was chosen by her teachers to be part of the Jubilee School's team for the King Abdullah Fund for Development's 'App Challenge', she was ready to prove them all wrong.

Sa'eda and her team mates Osama Alzoubi, Mohammed Baker, and Ali Freitekh did just that by winning first place in the 'App Challenge', with their edu-tainment game application 'Cell Viver'. The game has reached spot number 20 amongst edu-tainment games globally, and number 130 in all application categories!  As a result of their success, the students are now seeking to establish their own gaming company, Geek Soft, and release more game applications. 

"What I like about this school is that everyone gets a fair chance, success is based on merit" noted Sa'eda with pride. The students were able to accomplish this feat through the school's unique educational programs, creative environment, and opportunities to express their talents. Aside from academics, the school also focuses intensely on extracurricular activities and personal growth, particularly through student participation in competitions like the 'App Challenge'. The team concludes that "the Jubilee School gives us all the support we need".

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