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Release of Kinship Care Study
17th March 2015

Syrian children living with relatives in Jordan say “The main advantages of kinship care described by Syrian children living with relatives included: receiving love and care; being treated as the caregivers own child; blood relations and continuation of customs and traditions; getting their basic needs, respect and advice; and getting inheritance”. IRCKHF is pleased to announce the release of its study in partnership with Save the Children, which is now on HAQQI.

The IRCKHF conducted the study which aims to increase the understanding of kinship care practices experienced by Syrian refugee children and caregivers which can be used to inform programming and policy. The research is primarily exploratory, qualitative and participatory. In addition to a desk review of existing laws and data on kinship care in Jordan and the Middle East, the methodology includes interviews with policy makers and practitioners addressing kinship care, focus group discussions with case managers, and participatory research including child friendly participatory tools with children and caregivers from Amman and Zaatari Camp. The study was validated, finalized, and released on the 17th of March, 2015.

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