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She Parliament
27th October 2015

October 27, 2015. Amman, Jordan –Change history and reach a 50% incumbent of women in parliament.That's the“She Parliament”campaign goal. The British Council, along with a coalition of 12 institutions including theInformation Research Center (IRCKHF)of the King Hussein Foundation today launched the national project that supports women who want to actively participate, locally and nationally, in the public sector. The campaign is part of a larger regional project called “Women’s Participation in Public Life”.

In line with IRCKHF’s advocacy pillar, the Center has taken an active role participating in the campaign, which promotes female empowerment and gender equality, and was created in order to empower women to become an integral part of shaping the future of their countries. In Jordan, since 2014, local community members (men and women) have been trained, and continue to train, on active citizenship and radical change in society.

The participating institutions and individuals in the coalition for the "She Parliament" campaign  include: The Information and Research Center of the King Hussein Foundation | Princess Basma Center for the Study of the Jordanian Women | Women's Network to support women | Thuraya Centre for Studies |rrp-epa.netMedia educational Bushra Arabiyat | Badia Ambassadors Center | Solidarity Association Jordanian Women's Institute | Family Center | The Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development | Higher Population Council | Ministry of Political Development and Parliamentary | The Jordanian National Committee for Women's Affairs.

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