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The Jubilee School hosts 20 international students
5th November 2015
Students from Germany and Denmark experience the Jubilee School life for 10 days

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November 5, 2015. Amman, Jordan – The Jubilee School yesterday bid farewell to a group of 20 exchange students (10 from Germany and 10 from Denmark). The 10-day annual exchange program concluded its 19th year with double the amount of usual students, a testament to its success.

“I was very inspired by the beauty of Jordan” says German student Lea, 15 years old. “Wadi Rum and the Dead Sea were two of the more incredible places I have ever seen… I will definitely be coming back”. When asked about their overall experience Lea, along with rc helicopter her friend Julia (14 years old) both agreed that they did not want to leave.

“For me, the hospitality, kindness and warmth of the Jordanian people was the most appreciated” says Danish student Marie, 19 years old. “We were welcomed with open smiles and open arms, and amazing food – I will definitely miss this food, I couldn’t get enough.”

The Jubilee School welcomed students from Germany (and this year, Denmark), who are 14-19 years old, and will see their own students off to the respective countries in June. The cultural exchange has inspired many students to seek adventure and first-hand knowledge of different cultures.

Introducing youth to different cultures at an early age through such programs is vital to cross-cultural understanding and tolerance, and realizes the legacy of the Jubilee Institute and the King Hussein Foundation.

The Jubilee Institute, which encompasses the Jubilee School and the Jubilee Center for Excellence in Education (JCEE), promotes advanced learning and innovation, with a focus on critical thinking, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and community service.

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