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Queen Noor Spearheads King Hussein Foundation’s Initiatives and Future Plans
11th February 2009

Amman, 11 February 2009 – Her Majesty Queen Noor presided over the King Hussein Foundation’s Executive Committee representing its Board of Trustees to review the Foundation’s achievements in 2008, to discuss its future work plans and distinctive initiatives for 2009. The newly developed administrative and procurement procedures and the 2009 budget were also appraised and endorsed.

The meeting also focused on strategies to strengthen the Jubilee School as a center for excellence in education and its role in cooperating with public schools to assist in educational progress in Jordan and the region. Her Majesty and the Executive members commended the work of all 428 KHF staff whose efforts and dedication have helped advance the development work of the Foundation.
Queen Noor at Jubilee School

Her Majesty Queen Noor and the German Ambassador to Jordan were at the Jubilee School 15 February to witness it joining the worldwide network 'Schools: Partners of the future' for the teaching and learning of the German language as one of the elective and advanced courses on offer to Jubilee students.

'As we celebrate the tenth anniversary of the King Hussein Foundation, we are very proud today that the Jubilee School, one of its key institutions, is launching a partnership with the Goethe Institute to enrich the school's diverse educational program,' Queen Noor said during the signing ceremony between the Jubilee School director, Suha Jouaneh, and the director of the Goethe Institute in Amman, Dr Thomas Lier.
Jubilee School Director signs agreement with Goethe Institut

The Jubilee School's diverse academic and cultural exchange programs promote openness to other cultures and societies around the world. By introducing the German language as an elective course, in addition to the teaching of English, French and Spanish, the school offers opportunities for students to learn about and explore other cultures and equip them with useful skills for their future careers.

'Language is a valuable window into other cultures, and into international understanding and relationships. We hope this initiative will enhance the Jubilee School's role in serving our beloved Jordan,' Queen Noor added.

Queen Noor had earlier also paid tribute to the school's former director, Abla Zuraykat, and had welcomed its new director in the presence of the Minister of Education Dr Tayseer Nuemi, the Jubilee School's Board of Directors and some of the Alumni Club of the Jubilee School.

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