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PAC Participates in 2009 Theater of the World Festival
28th March 2009
San Diego, California (24 March 2009) – The National Center for Culture and Performing Arts (PAC) of the King Hussein Foundation was the featured international company at this year's Theater of the World Festival in San Diego, California.

The PAC's interactive theater troupe performed 'Memoirs of a woman' a social-issues based play about domestic violence while the PAC's Misk Dance Troupe performed a traditional Jordanian folk dance. Around four hundred people attended the event.

The audience participated in a heated discussion with the actors-in-role of 'Memoirs of a woman' over the issue of domestic violence, and ways to prevent it.

'The theme of the play was not a divisive issue between west and east,' Lina Attel, director general of the PAC, said. 'The issue of domestic violence', she said, 'is a global one and the international audience were able to closely identify with it'.
A scene from Memoirs of a Woman

As part of the festival, a panel discussion entitled 'Theater as a Tool for Social Change' took place among all theater participants.

Other festival offerings included the international plays '1001 Grains of Sand' and 'Inside Story'. Music was also a large part of this year's festival, and included a performance by Swarmius, a San Diego-based, interactive musical. Their performance explored the musical heritage of Iran, Iraq and Turkey as transmitted through nomadic Gypsies over the past 1,000 years.

Since its inception in 1987 by Noor Al Hussein Foundation, the PAC has been at the forefront of the development of theater and dance in Jordan and the region and is known today to be a pioneer educational and cultural institution in the Kingdom. PAC seeks to develop cross-cultural understanding and peace building through comprehensive cultural exchange programs, as well as through regional co-productions for theater and dance.

The Theater of the World Festival has taken place annually on the campus of SDSU in California since 1998.

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