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The King Hussein Foundation Celebrates its Tenth Anniversary
6th July 2009
Amman, Jordan (July 7, 2009) -- Her Majesty Queen Noor Al Hussein participated in a week of events to commemorate the Tenth Anniversary of the King Hussein Foundation. The commemoration also coincides with the tenth anniversary of the Noor Al Hussein Foundation's Jordan Micro Credit Company-Tamweelcom.
The celebrations commenced with the opening ceremony of the 29th International Arab Children’s Congress on Sunday, and continued with a reception for the King Hussein Foundation’s Jordanian and international partners and staff at Bab Al Salam Palace. Other events included the Foundation’s 13th Jubilee School Graduation ceremony and a gala concert with the Amman Symphony Orchestra at the King Hussein Park.
The King Hussein Foundation, chaired by Her Majesty Queen Noor, was established in 1999 by Royal Decree to serve as an enduring commitment to His Majesty King Hussein's humanitarian vision and legacy. The Foundation works to sustain and build upon His Majesty's lifelong commitment to peace, sustainable development, and cross-cultural understanding through national and regional programs that promote education and leadership, economic empowerment, and participatory decision making in Jordan and the Middle East.
“The King Hussein Foundation strives to be a meaningful living tribute to His Majesty King Hussein, who sought foremost to create opportunities for a better life for all Jordanians, as well as a more peaceful and prosperous Middle East,” said Her Majesty Queen Noor. “On the occasion of this tenth anniversary of the King Hussein Foundation, I extend my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the dedicated work of our nearly 450 Foundation staff and the many hundreds of Jordanian and international partners that have contributed to the Foundation’s achievements and success over the past decade.”

Her Majesty also hosted a special recognition ceremony for the 90 staff members who have served the Foundation for a decade or longer.

Over the past ten years, the King Hussein Foundation has developed several national institutions and programs in areas that include poverty eradication, family health, policy research, women's empowerment and microfinance, and arts as a medium for social development and cross-cultural exchange. The Foundation regularly shares best practices of its pioneering programs with the region, including in Syria, Bahrain, Yemen, Qatar, Palestine and Saudi Arabia.

The King Hussein Foundation encompasses the Noor Al Hussein Foundation, created in 1985 to facilitate lasting social and economic change across Jordan, and includes the Jubilee Institute, Institute for Family Health, Community Development Program, Jordan Micro Credit Company -Tamweelcom, Information and Research Center, National Center for Culture and Performing Arts, and National Music Conservatory.
The Jubilee Institute, which includes the Jubilee School and the Jubilee Center for Excellence in Education, advances national and regional educational standards through the development of innovative curricula and training for educators and administrators.The Jubilee School continues to provide scholarships to nearly all of its 350 students from across Jordan, with support from His Majesty King Abdullah II and private individuals.

The Community Development Program (CDP) is a leading national program for poverty alleviation and capacity building of community-based organizations across Jordan, providing skills training, business development services, loans and grants, and creating job opportunities at the grassroots level. The CDP is strengthening the capacity of men and women Municipal Councilors across the Kingdom. Recently, it opened a second micro business incubator in Aqaba based on the success of its Beni Kinanah incubator in northern Jordan, and created new technical and market linkages with Syria and Italy for women microentrepreneurs.

Tamweelcom, which also celebrates its tenth anniversary, is recognized as the regional leader and the eighth best performing microfinance institute in the world by the MIX Market. Tamweelcom has provided nearly 120,000 loans and helped to establish over 75,000 micro enterprises throughout Jordan, assisting Tamweelcom’s clients, mostly women, in raising their family’s living standards. Along with marketing assistance and capacity building of entrepreneurs’ skills, as well as loan insurance and school education grants for children of clients, Tamweelcom now offers solar energy technology loans to entrepreneurs.

The Institute for Family Health (IFH) provides underprivileged Jordanians with integrated family healthcare services ranging from medical, social and psychological counseling to legal advice and dentistry, as well as training for health professionals and caretakers. The IFH operates a specialized women’s health counseling center, and recently opened Jordan’s first specialized treatment center for victims of trauma in Jordan and from neighboring areas of conflict. This month the IFH will launch a practical guide for private health providers on caring for victims of violence against women.

The Information and Research Center (IRC) conducts multidisciplinary, objective research and analysis to guide policymakers in improving the well being of children, youth and women. The IRC has recently completed new studies on honor crimes and children at risk. It has also developed play therapy kits to educate and engage parents in children’s development, and to assist child victims of trauma. Currently, the trauma kit is being used to assist Iraqi children in Jordan.

The National Music Conservatory (NMC) is Jordan's leading institution for the development of local musicians and the promotion of music appreciation in Jordan. The Conservatory currently provides music training for children from Ministry of Development orphanages, SOS Children’s Villages and Palestinian refugee camps in Amman, with the aim of establishing a local youth orchestra. The NMC is introducing clinical music therapy for children and families at the King Hussein Cancer Center, as well as for victims of violence in Jordan.

The Conservatory is also developing the Amman Symphony Orchestra (ASO) in close partnership with the Greater Amman Municipality. The ASO will be an integral part of Amman’s planned Darat King Abdullah II for Culture and Arts in Ras Al Ain.

The National Center for Culture and Performing Arts (PAC) promotes cross-cultural understanding, social development and human rights issues through interactive theater, from the grassroots community level to international performances and exchanges. PAC has performed informative plays on critical social issues including family violence, honor crimes, and water conservation, and is currently developing a major musical production “Petra Rocks”.
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