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Queen Noor Graduates Jubilee School Students
9th July 2009
 Amman (9 July 2009) – Her Majesty Queen Noor Al Hussein presented graduation certificates to 71 proud students who comprise the thirteenth graduating class of the Jubilee School.
An institute of the King Hussein Foundation, the Jubilee School is a co-educational secondary school that develops the academic and leadership potential of outstanding students from Jordan and the region, with special emphasis on students from less developed areas of Jordan. Established in 1993, the school was originally conceived as a Silver Jubilee tribute to King Hussein's longstanding commitment to education.

“This year’s ceremony holds special significance as we commemorate the Tenth Anniversary of the King Hussein Foundation,” remarked Her Majesty Queen Noor. “These bright, talented students graduating today embody His Majesty’s steadfast belief in the promise of Jordan’s young people, and his vision for the Jubilee School’s role in preparing students from throughout the Kingdom to actively contribute to Jordan’s development.”

“I am also pleased that the Jubilee School continues to fulfill His Majesty’s goal of ensuring equal opportunity to a quality education by providing full or partial scholarships to nearly all of our students,” Queen Noor added.

HM Queen Noor with graduates of the Jubilee School Class of 2009

In their ceremonial speeches, graduates acknowledged the school's role in fostering their scholastic and practical approach to the world. Graduate Qasem Abdel Ali said the school was “committed to doing an outstanding job of molding us into leaders of the future by giving us the opportunity to organize and participate in national and international initiatives such as science and robotics projects and competitions, Model UN, seminars and events like the Jubilee Youth Economic Forum.”

Alumni from previous years also shared their insights with graduates during the ceremony. “I have never forgotten King Hussein's words, that the most valued asset we have in Jordan is the human being,” alumna Nour Mughrabi said: “In my years at the Jubilee School, our hard work, our motivation, our achievements were all driven by the prospect of one day contributing to a better quality of life for all Jordanians.”

The graduates highlighted the Jubilee School’s annual Tawjihi achievements, Jordan’s high school diploma. “We are a class where almost half of us scored more than 95% in their first semester Tawjihi results, including four outstanding academic achievers with averages ranging from 98.8 to 99.2. This class has been an eclectic combination of creative individuals, and they vary from being gifted musicians, to talented athletes and mathematical geniuses," graduate Nour Abu Sheikha said.

Jubilee School Director Suha Jouaneh added: “The Jubilee School is the embodiment of our late great King Hussein's vision for the critical role of Jordan's advancement in education towards instructing and refining the minds of our youth.”

The Jubilee School and the Jubilee Center for Excellence in Education are part of the Jubilee Institute whose programs serve as an educational model for the region, promoting excellence, leadership, social responsibility and the use of advanced technologies in education. The total number of Jubilee School graduates since the school's establishment is 1,208.

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