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Music therapy helps heal traumatized Iraqi children and families in Jordan
16th November 2009

Amman, 16th November, 2009. The National Music Conservatory of the King Hussein Foundation held a music recital by beneficiaries of Music Therapy, a project that is part of psychosocial services provided by the Noor Al-Hussein Foundation's institutions in cooperation with UNHCR to Iraqis residing in Jordan.

The project serves to help Iraqi children and their families overcome their traumatizing experiences, lead healthy family life and integrate into the host society.

A total of 44 children and adults, aged between two to 21 years, engaged in individual and group performances, featuring music and song as the most effective tool of communication and healing when other means of self expression fail.

Initiated in 2007, clinical music therapy aims to address the emotional health of traumatized Iraqi individuals through participation in music experience that helps promote positive relationships, and enhance self expression. Board-certified music therapists (MT-BC) conduct individual and group sessions with the participants, taking into account the specific needs of each individual and documenting improvements over the course of the treatment. During a session with the music therapist, individuals would improvise music, recreate music, listen, or compose their own pieces and engage in group activity.

The program involves two sessions per week, one individual and one group, and is usually preceded by music courses on various instruments. It started with 20 participants and has since expanded to benefit more than 200 cases.

Music therapy is an established health service, just like physical therapy, involving music to treat patients of all ages with a variety of conditions, such as psychiatric disorders, developmental disabilities, communication disorders, and interpersonal problems. It is also used to improve learning, build self-esteem, reduce stress and support physical exercise, and is proven to achieve high success rate of up to 90%.
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