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Excerpts of Her Majesty Queen Noor's interview with Jordan Business, published in the September 2009 Issue
1st December 2009

Jordan Business interview with H.M. Queen Noor

September 2009 Issue

Q: This year, the King Hussein Foundation (KHF) is celebrating the ten-year anniversary since its establishment. What do you feel have been some of the organization’s most important accomplishments over the past decade?

A: After the passing away of King Hussein in 1999, a Royal Decree was issued to establish the King Hussein Foundation (KHF) as an enduring commitment to his humanitarian vision and legacy. That same year, we founded the King Hussein Foundation International, as a non-profit, non-governmental organization to support KHF’s regional and international programs.

"A foundation that embodies and fulfills Al-Hussein's vision and the religious, ethical and social values that he believed in and was keen to preserve", said King Abdullah on issuing the Decree, and I deeply value his patronage and continued support of the Foundation.

During the course of King Hussein’s 47-year reign, Jordan evolved into a regional model for progress in education, healthcare, socio-economic development and political liberalization. Despite its limited resources, Jordan has managed to achieve some of the highest human development indicators in the developing world, and in some cases, on par with developed countries. These accomplishments continue to reflect King Hussein's passionate belief in the power and potential of each Jordanian citizen to significantly contribute to national development.

This year, we celebrate 10 years since the establishment of KHF, but through its affiliation with Noor Al-Hussein Foundation (NHF), which I founded in 1985, it became the umbrella that encompasses a broad range of projects, some of which have existed long before. Those include the Jubilee Institute, which provides innovative programs to enhance national and regional educational opportunities; the National Center for Culture and Performing Arts and the National Music Conservatory, through which we promote cross cultural discourse and understanding, and the Information and Research Center, which conducts research to feed policy makers and advocacy groups on key development issues, with focus on women and children.

Additionally, we have NHF's Institute for Family Health, which provides integrated health care and psychosocial services to family members, and the Community Development Program, which also encompasses five programs that serve local and less privileged communities in such areas as capacity building, business development, and improved quality of life.

The goal was to reinforce NHF's pioneering socio-economic development models in the Kingdom and emulate them in the Region to help realize King Hussein's commitment to supporting development in neighboring countries. more...
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