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H.M. Queen Noor delivers key note speech at the Dubai International Film Festival on the power of film to bridge culture gaps
13th December 2009
Dubai, 13th December 2009 - Her Majesty Queen Noor delivered a keynote speech at the Sixth Dubai International Film Festival during the Cultural Bridge Panel, following the gala film screening of Budrus, a documentary film directed by Palestinian Julia Bacha on the Palestinian Israeli conflict.
Queen Noor introduced the film Budrus as an example of the humanizing power of films, and emphasized the importance of the responsibilities and opportunities of today’s media industry to enhance understanding rather than reinforce divisions and preconceptions.
At a panel discussion following the film, Queen Noor was joined by the film's director, as well as Hollywood producer Mike Medavoy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor Rebecca Saxe and Shamil Idriss, CEO of Soliya, an NGO dedicated to empowering young people to use media to advance social change which Queen Noor helped launch at an event earlier in the evening..
“Working with King Hussein to try to bridge the gulf between Western and predominantly Muslim societies, I witnessed over and over the power of negative stereotypes to humiliate, provoke and set the emotional and political stage for policies that reinforce misunderstanding and conflict, said Queen Noor. She added that Budrus, which comes to us from the producers of Encounter Point and Control Room, is an inspiring example of the power of media "to touch us in profound ways, to challenge our preconceived notions, open our hearts, and maybe even our minds."

"This is a story which needs to be told and I believe healthy dialogue through film is the only way we will ever solve these problems," said the film's director, Julia Bacha.

Queen Noor also presented the findings of several years of neurology and psychology research conducted by Harvard University, MIT, and the New School for Social Research, which explored the impact of media on identity formation and cross-cultural relations. The research has been sponsored by The United Nations Alliance of Civilizations Media Fund, of which Queen Noor is a co-founder.
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