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Queen Noor Awards Leadership Prize During Annual King Hussein Foundation Program
24th April 2010
Her Majesty Queen Noor hosted the annual King Hussein Foundation International (KHFI) Media and Humanity Program in partnership with the Tribeca Film Festival TFF and awarded the annual King Hussein Leadership Prize in New York City on Thursday, April 22.Her Majesty was joined by Tribeca Film Festival founders Robert De Niro, Jane Rosenthal, and Craig Hatkoff and 300 distinguished guests at the Japan Society.

The KHFI and the TFF partnership launched in 2007, promotes films and media projects that highlight shared values and aspirations across social, economic, political and cultural divides with special emphasis on the Middle East and Muslim world. This year’s program featured a screening of Budrus, the award winning documentary film about a Palestinian community organizer who launches a nonviolent resistance movement to save his village from destruction by Israel’s Separation Barrier. Struggling side by side with Israeli activists and with women in the frontlines, the villagers of Budrus unleash an inspiring, yet little known, movement in the Occupied Palestinian Territories that is still gaining ground today.

After premiering at the Cultural Bridge Gala screening at the Dubai International Film Festival in December where it was introduced by Queen Noor, Budrus went on to win the Panorama Audience Award, Second Prize, at the Berlin International Film Festival in February. Directed by Julia Bacha and produced by Bacha, Ronit Avni and Rula Salameh, Budrus is the second feature documentary released by Just Vision, a non-profit organization that generates awareness and support for Palestinians and Israelis working for nonviolent solutions to the conflict.

The evening continued with a panel discussion of the relationship between media and conflict, moderated by CNN’s chief international correspondent Christiane Amanpour and featuring Avni, Bacha, and the Palestinian protagonist of the film, Ayed Morrar, along with MIT researcher Nicole Argo.
Immediately following, Her Majesty Queen Noor, chairperson of the King Hussein Foundation (KHF) and its U.S. partner KHFI, awarded the Foundation’s eleventh King Hussein Leadership Prize to Morrar, Bacha and Avni. The Leadership prize is given annually to individuals, institutions, or groups who have demonstrated exceptional leadership in their efforts to advocate for sustainable development, human rights, tolerance, equity and peace. The Leadership Prize is one of several KHFI programs honoring the late King Hussein’s lifelong dedication to peace and development.
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