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Happy Birthday Your Majesty Queen Noor
23rd August 2010
Upon her marriage to His Majesty King Hussein 1978 , Queen  Noor embraced her role as a Jordanian public servant  focusing on national needs in the areas of education, conservation, sustainable development, micro finance, human rights and cross-cultural understanding. She also continues her work with international and UN organizations addressing global challenges in these fields.

In addition, over the past three decades she has been active in promoting international exchange and understanding of Arab and Muslim culture and politics, Arab-Western relations, and conflict prevention and recovery issues such as refugees, missing persons, poverty, climate change and disarmament.  She has also promoted media programs to highlight these issues. Her conflict recovery and peacebuilding work over the past decade has focused on the Middle East, the Balkans, Central and Southeast Asia, Latin America and Africa.  

Queen Noor founded (1999) and chairs  the King Hussein Foundation (KHF) which was  established to as an enduring commitment to His Majesty King Hussein’s humanitarian vision and legacy in Jordan and abroad through national, regional and international programs that promote human security through education and leadership, individual and community economic empowerment, participatory decision making, and cross cultural dialogue and media that enhance mutual understanding and respect among different cultures and across conflict lines.
The Foundation encompasses the Noor Al Hussein Foundation (NHF) founded by Queen Noor in 1985 to facilitate sustainable social and economic change across Jordan and the region.  In Jordan, annually, thousands of micro enterprises and job opportunities are being created among grassroots communities to contribute to the national efforts of poverty alleviation.  In the first six months of 2010, Tamweelcom NHF’s leading microfinance institution in the MENA region, disbursed over 28,000 loans, an increase of 58% over last year, to assist in reducing the effects of economic challenges facing low- income earners. NHF has provided training and assistance in implementing its best practice programs in nearly 20 countries in the broader Arab and Muslim world.

This year, KHF established a strategic partnership with the Family Development Foundation in Abu Dhabi to emulate KHF’s pioneering programs in family health, early childhood development education and cross cultural exchange through a 2010-2011 partnership supporting the International Arab Children Congress which celebrated its 30th anniversary this year.   KHF is also a member of the Arab Foundations Forum, an organization that seeks to strengthen the capacity of Arab philanthropy.

The King Hussein Foundation International (KHFI) was founded in 1999 to support KHF’s regional and international mission. This year KHFI’s annual Media and Humanity Program screened Budrus, the award winning documentary film about a Palestinian community organizer who launches a nonviolent resistance movement to save his village from destruction by Israel’s Separation Barrier. After the screening Queen Noor awarded the 2009 King Hussein Leadership Prize to Budrus’s protagonist Ayed Morrar, director Julia Bacha and producer Ronit Avni.  Last month, Queen Noor attended the premier of the film in Ramallah.

Queen Noor is actively involved in a number of international organizations advancing global peace-building and conflict recovery. She is a founding leader of Global Zero, an international movement working for the worldwide elimination of nuclear weapons. She represented Global Zero at the historic 2009 UN Security Council meeting, which endorsed the goal of global zero, and was an advisor to this year’s Countdown to Zero a powerful documentary film about the escalating global nuclear arms threat.

A long-time advocate for a just Arab-Israeli peace and for Palestinian refugees, she is a an outspoken voice for the protection of civilians in conflict and for displaced persons around the world this year testifying before the US Congress,  in Europe, in the Middle East and through international media on Palestinian, Iraqi and other refugee communities.  KHF, in partnership with the UNHCR, provides psychosocial services and trauma rehabilitation to Iraqis residing in Jordan.

Queen Noor has four children, Their Royal Highnesses Princes Hamzah and Hashim and Princesses Iman and Raiyah, and three grandchildren, Princesses Halaah bint Hashim, Haya bint Hamzah, and Raiyah bint Hashim.

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