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Jubilee Students Shine at 16th QUANTA in India
25th November 2010

Jubilee Students Win Big in Lucknow, India

Seven students from the King Hussein Foundation's Jubilee School returned to Jordan triumphant after placing first and third in the 16th QUANTA, the International Competition for Science, Mathematics, Astronomy, and Computer Science held in Lucknow, India.

The students from the Jubilee School participated in the competition which pitted 62 teams from 24 countries against each other.

The students from Jubilee spent four days competing against teams from across the globe before bringing home trophies topped with bright gold and bronze stars.

16-year old Batool Alwahdani represented the Jubilee School debate team. She placed first after being assigned to argue against the motion that 'stem cell research is the only way science can win against disease'. Alwahdani says she spent two weeks preparing for the debate which lasted three hours. Her strategy? Relentlessly questioning her opponents before delivering a speech opposing the motion, a move that paid off for her team.

Shining Stars:  Jubilee Students Hanin Elbanna and Batool Alwahdani

"All my efforts came to a beautiful end," noted Alwahdani in an interview by phone after returning to Amman. "We had tears of joy in our eyes, it was the first time a Jordanian team placed first in the debate category."

Hanin Elbanna represented her Jubilee classmates in the mental ability category. The 16-year old had to complete a series of logic and IQ tests before winning the bronze star for her team.

The Indian Ministers of Education and Energy were guests of honor at ceremonies for the 16th QUANTA which began November ninth.

Alwahdani notes that a highlight of the experience was when the Jordanian team was asked to perform the 'dabkeh' at the closing ceremony.

The King Hussein Foundation's Jubilee School has sent teams to participate in the QUANTA competitions since 1998. Over the years the students have placed first in a number of different categories.

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