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Jubilee School Students named Arab Champions
7th March 2011

Jubilee School Students pose for photo with HRH Prince Hamzah
The Jubilee Center for Excellence in Education (JCEE) announced the winners of the 4th Open Arab Robotics Championship following the official closing ceremony on Sunday, March 6 under the patronage of His Excellency Tayseer Nuaimi, the Minister of Education.
The Arab Champion's Award First Place for winning the FLL Arabia went to "The Simpsons" team from the Jubilee School in Jordan. The Arab Champion's Award Second Place in the FLL Arabia went to the "Genius" team from Syria. And the Arab Champion's Award Third Place in the FLL Arabia went to the "Saudi Robo 1" team from Saudi Arabia.
At the national level, FLL Jordan First place winners were "The Devastators" team from the Jubilee School, followed by the "NXT leaders" from the Islamic Scientific College in second place, and the "Star NOS" from the Orthodox School placed third in FLL Jordan.

"Genius" team participants from Syria competing in the FLL Arabia
The first place winners of FLL Jordan will represent Jordan in the FLL World Festival in the US next April. The first place winners of the FLL Arabia will represent the Arab countries in the FLL World Festival.
In addition to the FIRST LEGO League Arabia competitions, FLL Arabia, which challenged students to design, build, and operate LEGO robots to tackle bioengineering tasks as part of this year's theme, "Body Forward", the Championship also consisted of an open Arab competition of another two robotics contests: "SUMO" and "Follow the Line".
Teams from the Kuwait Robotics Center placed first in the "SUMO" and the line tracking competitions, followed by a team from the King Abdul Aziz Model School from Saudi Arabia which placed second in "SUMO". The Tala'e Al-Noor School's team from Syria placed 2nd in the line tracking competition.
Judging was overseen by a panel of university professors supervised by the King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau.
The 4th Open Arab Robotics Championship wrapped up after two exciting days of intense competition among 84 teams from 7 Arab countries including Jordan, Syria, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, KSA, and the UAE. A delegation from Bahrain also traveled to Jordan to observe this year's competition.
His Royal Highness Prince Hamzah, deputizing for Her Majesty Queen Noor Al Hussein, officially launched the championship on Saturday, March 5 at the Jubilee School in Amman, Jordan.
HRH Prince Hamzah extended his best wishes to participants and expressed his support for holding the event in which education, science, and technology meet in an atmosphere of fun and excitement, combining learning with cultural interaction among Arab youth.

Lt Col. Dr. Yahya Zweiri with KADDB listens as JCEE Dir Ismail Yasein
shows off FLL competition area to HRH Prince Hamzah
Prince Hamzah recognized the heads of participating delegations, sponsors, and judges before touring the staging area for the teams.
More than 500 students participated in the championship, hosted for the third time in Jordan.
16-year old Shadin Khreis is a member of the winning Jubilee School robotics team, "The Devastators". She said the research involved in preparing for the robotics competition introduced her to other new aspects of science and technology.
"This is about bioengineering mainly, I didn't know anything about bioengineering but when I participated in robotics now I know almost, like a lot of things about it."
Khreis said she now plans to major in engineering in college.
Rami Alhalabi, a 17 year-old team mentor from Lebanon's the "Pulse" team also said being a part of the robotics teams has led to his decision to pursue electronics engineering after high school.
"I'm going to choose a domain pretty close to what we're doing now because I like it," said Alhalabi.
Suha Jouaneh, Director of the Jubilee School, said the event is about much more than just competition.
"We are proud to have seven Arabic countries, who are participating, it's not just about the event and the championship," said Jouaneh, "it's the scientific background that the students are learning. We know that robotics is the beginning of automated industry, and we want the new generation to really be exposed to this technology. We want to compete with the advanced technology and this is the way we can start, with the youth, with the students."
Jouaneh said she hopes more teams from other countries will participate next year. 49 teams from Jordan participated in the 4th Open Arab Robotics Championship, while eight teams were from KSA, eight came from Syria, five from Kuwait, one from Qatar, seven from Lebanon, and six from the UAE.
Ismail Yasein, director of the Jubilee Center for Excellence in Education (JCEE), remarked that the championship is important in that it really gives the students a chance to put their skills to use in this age of technology.
"The students like to compete with the technology and they like to show their skills, their interests," remarked Yasein, "so I think this is a very important event for them to be part of this world and show their projects, their innovative solutions, their creative ideas."
Yasein added that the competition was more stiff on Sunday, as students had become more familiar with the placement of the competition areas and with the games themselves.
Faisal Al Quayti, a science supervisor at the Ministry of Education and the head of the delegation from Saudi Arabia, thanked Jordan and the Jubilee Center for hosting the scientific event:
"This is a great benefit to us and we hope that this huge scientific event will continue as the students benefitted from it and we will also benefit from it to develop further in the field of education and technology."
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