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Tamweelcom shortlisted for Financial Times/IFC Sustainable Finance Awards 2011
28th May 2011

The King Hussein Foundation (KHF) is proud to announce that Tamweelcom has been shortlisted by the Financial Times/International Finance Corporation, a member of the World Bank Group, for the FT/IFC Sustainable Finance Awards 2011 in the category of "Achievement in Financing at the Base of the Pyramid".

This year the FT/IFC received 187 entries across 5 categories from 161 institutions in 61 countries.

Tamweelcom made the list of 7 nominees in the category of "Achievement in Financing at the Base of the Pyramid", out of 37 entries in this category which recognizes "groundbreaking financial transactions and initiatives that address the Base of the Pyramid, the more than 4 billion people who live on less than US $2 a day" according to the FTC/IFC website.

The award highlights the "development and delivery of innovative, viable and replicable financial products and services that engage and empower the poor."

The winners will be announced at the FT/IFC Sustainable Finance Conference & Awards 2011, "Where Innovation Meets Impact" in London on June 16, 2011.
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