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NHF First NGO to work with the Community in Northern Mazaar, Turning over Management of Commercial Center to Private Sector to Benefit Community
3rd October 2011

KHF Exec. Dir. Hana Shahin & private investor Walid Al Shami signing agreement on October 3, 2011
KHF Exec. Dir. Hana Shahin & private investor Walid Al Shami signing agreement on October 3, 2011

Mohammad Daradkah, the President of the Northern Mazaar District Cooperative, remarked that the Noor Al Hussein Foundation (NHF) is the first non-governmental development organization to reach into the area and stimulate the socio economic situation for the people there.

Daradkah participated in a signing ceremony at the King Hussein Foundation headquarters in Amman on Monday, October 3 with Walid Al Shami, an investor from the private sector who will manage and operate a new commercial center in Northern Mazaar over the next five years. Al Shami will then turn over the operation and management of the center to the local community.

The agreement allows the private sector to partner with the local community in running a new commercial center comprised of 6 shops, and large halls that provide the public with meeting space to rent out for conferences, wedding celebrations and other social events.

This commercial center is a part of the Poverty Pockets II initiative with the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation (MOPIC) that NHF developed to establish income generating projects in which the returns go back to the local community.

When asked why he chose to get involved with the commercial center, Al Shami remarked that his interest, as a businessman, stemmed from the profitiablity of the new commercial center for the local community and for himself.

MOPIC funded this commercial center through a grant, following a socio economic study conducted in the area of Northern Mazaar.

The project is expected to initially create as many as  25 job opportunities.  The commercial center is also expected to generate around 21 thousand JD's in annual revenue over the next five years.

The municipality will receive 25% of the revenue generated by the center to improve public services and the remaining 75% will go directly to the cooperative of Northern Mazaar so it can provide assistance to at least an additional 75 poor families from the area.

Program Manager Muhammad Al Zoubi, also present at the signing ceremony remarked:

"The importance of this partnership with the private sector in managing the commercial center is that it will enable the local community to be trained and to acquire experience from the private sector.  By the end of the agreement they will be able to effectively run a sustainable enterprise for the benefit of the community."

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