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Music to Everybody's Ears
27th October 2011

Young guest at NMC Music Open House tries his hand at the trombone October 21, 2011

Young children had the opportunity to "try their hand" at playing a musical instrument during last week's music open house, hosted by theNational Music Conservatory (NMC)of theKing Hussein Foundationin Ras Al Ein.

The open house, which kicked off at noon, featured a musical performance by the Amman Sinfonietta which is comprised of faculty members of theNMC.

Music Open House guests enjoy a free concert on October 21, 2011

Barney and friends seemed to enjoy the free performance which included four instrumental and vocal pieces.

Short recitals presented by the Amman Brass Quartet, the Amman Woodwind Quintet, the Amman String Quartet and the Arab Vocal Ensemble followed the Sinfonietta, much to the delight of open house guests.

An offering of musical games also ensured active participation by visitors during the event.

The guests who tried out different instruments did so under the direction ofNMCfaculty. This opportunity provided the guests with an introduction to all string, wind, and percussion instruments, in addition to instruments used in Arab music and voice training.

No word yet on whether any music prodigies were discovered on Friday, but stay tuned!

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