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Tamweelcom Grant allows Micro Entrepreneur Hana Abu Zahra to fly to Dubai to participate in Global Village
12th December 2011

A cash grant from Tamweelcom helps client Hana Abu Zahra, shown here wearing one of her own designs, travel to Dubai's Global Village theme park to display her workshop's beautiful embroidery work

Hana Abu Zahra of Ashrafieh flew to Dubai's Global Village theme park in Novmeber to display her beautiful embroidery work at one of the park's 27 pavilions, representing Jordan.  Zahra, known as Um Isam, is one of the Jordan Micro Credit Company’s (Tamweelcom) success stories.

The 54-year old mother received a cash grant of 1,000 JDs from Tamweelcom to ship her Jordanian products to the UAE and to fly to Dubai to show off her workshop's handiwork at the cultural theme park.

Zahra, a micro entrepreneur and Tamweelcom client, operates a stitching workshop in Ashrafieh where she has enlisted the help of 30 other micro entrepreneurs.

She is also one of the beneficiaries of Tamweelcom's Souk Ayyadi service, which allowed her to participate in the Souk Ayyadi bazaars, displaying and selling her needlepoint products at its permanent showroom in Mecca Mall.

This helped her to expand her production from the local to regional marketplace, as she is now providing added value and beauty to the Jordanian product booths at the Global Village, which attracted 4.5 million visitors last year according to their website.

"I am proud to be a member of Tamweelcom's family and I thank them for this support, especially the Souk Ayyadi unit," remarked Zahra, "without my participation in the Souk Ayyadi bazaars, I would not have been able to make it to the Arab and international market."

Zahra’s embroidery workshop, which stitches dresses, purses, and wall hangings, is inspired by traditional Jordanian heritage but employs a more contemporary design style.

Tamweelcom's support for women like Zahra stems from its commitment to social responsibility in supporting women entrepreneurs, which in turn contributes to the economic and social welfare of the communities in which they live.

Tamweelcom is a non-profit company and is one of the pioneering micro finance companies in Jordan that endeavors to fight poverty and unemployment.  It is fully owned by the Noor Al Hussein Foundation (King Hussein Foundation).  More than 120,000 clients, 93% of whom are women, have received loans since Tamweelcom's establishment in 1999.
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