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NHF's Community Development Program One Step Closer to Empowering CBO's
14th December 2011

NHF Employee Ghassan Ezzat undergoing Tot Training, December 8, 2011

The Noor Al Hussein Foundation's Community Development Project (CDP)
has embarked on a 12-month program with funding from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) to strengthen the role of Community Based Organizations (CBOs) as "Models in Good Governance".

Based on its previous successes during a pilot project with CBOs in Zarqa, Amman, and Balqa, the CDP now seeks to build the capacity of 8 selected CBOs in Aqaba in good governance with a special focus on enhancing the role of women in decision making at the institutional level.

To meet this objective the CDP just completed a "Training of Trainers" (ToT) workshop to enhance NHF training capacity on how to train CBOs in good governance practices. Seven NHF staff members attended the sessions, which will further prepare them to train the CBOs' board of directors.

The four day workshop involved training on the content provided in the training manual produced by NHF and CIDA during its 2009-2010 pilot project entitled, "Good governance principals for NGOs".

During the training process, the manual's content was revised and updated.

CDP's Reem Al Dmour attended the workshop in order to better equip herself with the tools and methods to evaluate and analyze CBOs, in addition to developing strategic plans for CBOs to enable them to apply good governance practices.

"I see my experience working on the ground with different CBOs as an opportunity to share my knowledge with them," Dmour remarked, "which will, in turn, be shared with other CBOs in other communities."

By enhancing the capacity of the trainers, NHF endeavors to create more sustainable CBOs in the long run and believes that the trainers will act as motivators who will pass on their learned skills, gained knowledge and experience to other CBOs in their communities.

“The training workshop is designed to contribute to the project’s sustainability by building the institutional capacity of the trainers in the field of good governance," explained CDP Manager Mohammad Al Zoubi, " this, in turn, will benefit more local CBOs in the targeted areas under the Community Development Program.”

The ultimate goal of the project is to create a more stable balance in the overall process of development in Jordan by empowering the selected CBOs to assume a more strategic role in representing the most important stakeholder in development, the local community.
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