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Jordanian Soloists Shine at Amman Arab Music Ensemble Performance
9th January 2012
NMC Vocal Prodigy Natalie Samaan performs songs made famous by Arab Diva Umm Kulthum
NMC vocal prodigy Natalie Samann performs songs made famous by Arab Diva Umm Kulthum


Arab music lovers packed the auditorium of Al Hussein Cultural Center in Ras Al-Ain for an evening performance of Arabic music by the Amman Arab Music Ensemble borrowing from the repertoire of three great musical figures from the 20th century including composer/singer Mohammad Abdul Wahab and Farid Al-Atrash, as well as Arab Diva Umm Kulthum.


The concert, entitled, "Tarab Ba'd Al-A'Yad" (Chanting after Holidays) featured the Amman Arab Music Ensemble and its chorus, along with three vocalists and three soloists.


The program, conducted by Sakher Hattar, began with the ensemble's performance of "Hubbi" (My Love), an instrumental composition by Mohammad Abdul Wahab.


The chorus sang another song composed by Abdul Wahab entitled, "El-Qamh Il-Leila" (The Wheat Tonight).


Other concert highlights included "Abboush", an instrumental piece for violin and ensemble composed by the late Jordanian composer Amer Madi.  His daughter, Jordanian violinist Obeida Madi, performed the piece which Madi had apparently dedicated to his daughter who he used to call "Abboush". The young violinist recently completed an MA in violin performance at Kingston University in the UK.  


Talented Jordanian vocalist Yazan As-Sabbagh sang "Ya Malikat Al-Qalb" (You the Owner of the Heart), a song composed and sung by Farid Al-Atrash.  As-Sabbagh also performed another Al-Atrash composition entitled, "In Habetni Ahbak Akter" (If You Love Me I Would Love You More).


The National Music Conservatory (NMC) graduate Jordanian Tareq Al-Jundi performed "Ala Daraj Al Fann" (On the Ladder of Arts), an instrumental composition he wrote and performed on the oud.  The piece was arranged by the Amman Symphony Orchestra's conductor Mohammad Othman Sidiq.


Vocal prodigy Natalie Samaan, who is still studying voice at the NMC performed "Ya Leltil Eid" (O the Night of the Eid), a song made famous by the Arab Diva Umm Kulthum.  The Jordanian vocalist also sang "Habibi Yis'ed Awqatu" (The Happy Times of My Lover), another song made famous by Umm Kulthum.


Jordanian violin prodigy Moayyad Abdo Mousa performed, "Al-Habib Al-Majhoul" (The Unknown Lover) also composed by Mohammad Abdul Wahab.


And Jordanian vocalist Mohammad As-Sawi, who won first prize in the International Voice Competition last November at the Cairo Opera House, sang "Han Al-Wid" (The Love became Easy), another song composed by Abdul Wahab and "Ya Msafer Wahdak" (Ye, Traveling Alone).


The Amman Arab Music Ensemble is comprised of 12 musicians who play the oud, qanun, nay, violin, cello, bass as well as Arabic percussion instruments.  Its chorus is comprised of six female and six male singers.

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