Jubilee Center for Excellence in Education

Pioneering Technology in Education

The Jubilee Center for Excellence in Education (JCEE), founded in 1998, has pioneered Robotics and introduced several programs in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) within schools and local communities.Today, thousands of students and teachers throughout Jordan and 11 Arab countries have been trained by JCEE mobile expert teams. Students, particularly those from marginalized populations, are transformed from test-takers to avid learners as lessons are turned to practical applications by connecting science and technology to daily life. Teachers also acquire skills to enhance self-learning through teamwork, analytical skills, and research proficiency. Moreover, to further support educators as they continue to grapple with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the new norm for education, the Jubilee Center for Excellence in Education, in collaboration with the University of Jordan’s Research Center, developed Jordan’s first ‘E-Learning’ diploma and other short courses that introduce teachers to e-learning methodology, applications, and the necessary skills to plan and execute e-learning curricula.


National and Global Competitions

For over 15 years, the center has organized numerous annual national and regional competitions such as the National Robotics Competition, FIRST LEGO League, and the Arab Open Robotics Championship. JCEE also trains local and regional teams to participate in global STEAM competitions such as the Formula One (F1) in Schools competition. Young minds are stimulated to solve challenges facing their communities, countries, and the world at large. Themes include climate change, renewable energy, food production, and physical impediments


Maintaining Inclusive opportunities is fundamental to JCEE programs. Female participation in all activities exceeds 50%, which encourages young women to seek future careers in science and technology.

To mainstream quality education to students with disabilities, JCEE has developed a novel STEM curriculum in Braille as well as a program for the hearing impaired.

The King Hussein Science Garden

Established in 2003, the garden was a pioneering national project that annually provides thousands of students from public and private schools with ‘learning–through–play’ and hands-on experiments. Many basic scientific and technological principles, laws, and phenomena are explored and simulated, including force and motion, meteorology, solar energy, and astronomy, along with the engineering, electronics, and virtual reality labs.

DAFI - Albert Einstein German Academic Refugee Initiative Fund

Since 2009, JCEE has extended its work to embrace aspiring youth who are seeking a haven in Jordan and provide them with the opportunity to lead fulfilled and dignified lives. In partnership with the UNHCR, young refugees from Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Sudan, are granted higher education scholarships at Jordanian universities. These students receive career counseling and well-being support programs that enhance their quality of life.

Helping Refugees Around the World

Mohammad Eyad vividly remembers the devastation he felt when he found out that he had to leave his home country, Syria.  “I was constantly anxious that I would be alone and extremely worried about my livelihood. My family had to live in different countries. I felt trapped because I had no control over my life, and I had to discontinue my education.”  

However, Mohammad’s life changed when he was accepted into the DAFI Scholarship program. 

Upon graduation, he launched the “Refugee Freelance Platform”, an application connecting refugees with customers looking for freelancers. “I wanted to use my own experience working as a freelancer to help refugees make a living.” Since the platform’s initial launch in 2020, Mohammad has immigrated to Turkey where he plans to relaunch the platform and help refugees all around the world.