COVID-19 Response

The King Hussein Foundation’s Efforts Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic

The unexpected emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic sent shockwaves across the globe; indelibly impacting our way of life. Jordan and the international community implemented safety protocols and procedures that have stifled our social and economic landscape. A steep rise in unemployment, lack of access to quality virtual education as well as an increase in gender-based violence and mental health issues particularly amongst the vulnerable population was evident in Jordan.

Consequently, the King Hussein Foundation streamlined its programmatic approach to reinforce national public awareness efforts, while simultaneously maintaining steadfast support to KHF beneficiaries through hybrid programs of virtual and in-person initiatives to enhance community mobilization and engagement of civil societies. As of 2021, a paradigm shift was introduced aligned with the new norm to meet local and global challenges such as focusing on promoting social justice, creating livelihood opportunities for youth and women, establishing gender-based violence centers of excellence, enhancing food security initiatives, and equipping youth with the latest technology for future job opportunities.