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As a donor, you will play a crucial role in sustaining our efforts to create positive, lasting change in people's lives.
KHF welcomes both individual and corporate donations. You can choose to donate to any aspect of our work.


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KHF Jordan

Main Branch, Shmeisani
Abdulmunim Al Rifaii St.
Account Name: King Hussein Foundation
Bank Account: JOD A/C # 4008567
IBAN : JO41EFBK0010000000000004008567

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   Find out where your donation will go: 

You will support the development of best practice sustainable development programs to help women, youth, and the marginalized lead dignified and healthy lives. 

You will help to provide scholarships for meritorious students with leadership potential from disadvantaged areas in Jordan - “Sponsor a Student”.
Provide financial aid for a student for one academic year with $2800-$3100.

Provide a one-year full scholarship for a student with $6000 (for 1 day student) and $10,000 (for 1 boarding student).

You will support introducing innovative educational programs to youth to enhance critical thinking and problem-solving skills to meet local and global challenges.
Sponsor a student for a 4-day training course in one of the following – robotics, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, coding, internet of things, or STEAM skills for $450.

Sponsor an educator for an intensive course in “E-learning and its Applications” for $850.
You will enable low-income women, children, and families to access high-quality health care, including physical, mental, and social services.
Provide 15 counseling sessions for a survivor of gender-based violence for $317.

Assess and rehabilitate a child with a disability through 33 sessions (physiotherapy, occupational, speech, and special education - according to the child's needs) with $355.
You will help provide crucial business literacy and working capital to micro-entrepreneurs with a focus on women and youth, to start sustainable and innovative businesses.
Train and mentor a potential or existing entrepreneur for one month on how to identify new business ideas, vocational training, marketing, and financial management, among other needed support for $600. 

Help to establish a youth-led initiative that responds to community needs with $7000.

Your contribution goes straight into the company's capital fund to provide entrepreneurs with loans to start or expand micro, small and medium enterprises. 
Support the expansion of a woman-operated enterprise and improve the livelihood of the entrepreneur and her family with $1000.


You will equip youth with education and vocational employment training, as well as provide financial solutions to micro and small entrepreneurs seeking sharia-compliant loans.
Equip a young professional with an improved skillset through a 2-year international diploma in market-driven vocations for $10,000.

Enable refugee youth to access job opportunities and internships through short courses for $5,400. Sponsorship covers costs of transportation, tuition and employment fees, training materials, and use of labs as well as English language and computer skills. 


You will contribute to interactive productions held across Jordan to promote social change and ensure the continuity of the annual International Arab Youth Congress to foster tolerance and understanding.

Encourage dialogue and debate on critical social issues through interactive performance for $2000. 

You will help pay for musical instruments and tuition fees for talented aspiring musicians. 

You will also support music therapy sessions for children with autism and persons with disabilities, as well as heal survivors of gender-based violence and traumatized people of all ages from conflict areas in the region.

Provide 1 person with 3 months of music therapy rehabilitation sessions for $450.

You will help advance knowledge of critically important issues such as gender justice, civil society empowerment, and the inclusion of marginalized society members.

Through the Early Childhood Family Education Kit, you will assist caregivers of marginalized and refugee children, familiarizing them with all aspects of child development, as well as stimulating the children’s cognitive, motor, math, and language skills. 

Empower a parent or a caregiver with knowledge and tools through a 12-day training course for $845.