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Information and Research Center Paves the Way for a Key Human Rights Dialogue Ahead of UPR Submissions

July 13 2023

Amman, 13th July 2023 - The Information and Research Center (IRCKHF) partnered with the Human Rights Unit at the Prime Ministry of Jordan to host a one-day consultation meeting with representatives from 16 civil society organizations and academic institutions.

The consultation session discussed several reports on human rights generated by civil society and academic institutions in preparation for Jordan's Fourth Universal Periodic Review (UPR) submission, which will be presented in Geneva, Switzerland, beginning of 2024. 
The Universal Periodic Review (UPR) is a process through which all UN member states are provided the opportunity to review the human rights records of all other member states and identify areas for improvement.
The consultation meeting allowed civil society and academians to share valuable input and insights to help shape Jordan's report and ensure that it accurately reflects the current situation in the country by highlighting human rights challenges and providing key recommendations.

 The main recommendations focus on:

  • Execution of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Law to ensure accessibility to information and services regarding sexual and reproductive health rights. Inclusion in school textbooks and curricula was also called for.
  • Interpretation of the Personal Status Law of 2019 regarding early marriage conditions, and review of administrative detention, particularly for women at risk and victims of violence.
  •  Freedom of association, including fundraising and economic activities rights, and the protection of the rights of migrant workers according to international labour standards.
  • A legal framework to protect the elderly from all forms of abuse and discrimination.