Building on its experience with revolving funds in community development projects in the early 1980s, the Noor Al Hussein Foundation launched Tamweelcom - the Jordan Micro Finance Company in 1999, to alleviate poverty and unemployment.

As a non-profit limited liability microfinance company, Tamweelcom provides tailored, fast-track, and responsible financing solutions to micro-entrepreneurs and marginalized citizens to improve their quality of life. It set out to afford financially excluded citizens, particularly women the opportunity to start businesses, generate income, and build their assets.

Over the last decade, the focus shifted to further include youth and the development of licensed and unlicensed small and medium enterprises, in addition to providing financial support for broad-based projects such as green energy.

Tamweelcom offers loan products in two main categories:

  • Business Loans

    Serves both micro and small enterprise owners to ensure business sustainability and support growth.

  • Retail Financing

    Supports individuals and groups of women by financing the necessities for home-based businesses and other essentials for improved quality of life.

Tamweelcom develops e-services for enhanced financial inclusion to reduce effort, cost, and time.

  • E-Wallet

    Within just a few hours, clients can receive their loans directly and repay their loan installments on their smartphones. Clients can also use the e-wallet for other financial transactions.

  • eFAWATEERcom

    Clients can pay their installments electronically, through the online bill payment service which is supervised by the Central Bank of Jordan.

  • Online Banking

    Clients can request loans and access their account profiles remotely.

Tamweelcom offers business support and social services to increase the life-long resilience of their clients:

  • Free Medical Days and Health Awareness Campaigns: Local communities across the kingdom receive free of charge access to generalist and specialist doctors, and participate in health awareness sessions including cancer screening, routine health checkups, and more.
  • Aman Service: If a client between 18-65 years old becomes disabled or passes away, the outstanding balance and condolence expenses will be covered by Tamweelcom.
  • Bazaars : Sales opportunities are accessible to home-based and micro-entrepreneurs throughout the year and across the Kingdom to support micro-enterprises’ sustainability and growth.
  • Capacity building for entrepreneurs: For improved financial literacy and business management practices, workshops for micro and small business owners are frequently offered to Tamweelcom clients.
  • Educational Grants: The novel Educational Grant was launched in 2007, offering essential public-school scholarships to Tamweelcom clients. This year Tamweelcom focused on nurturing the next generation of leaders by sponsoring meritorious and talented high school students from underserved areas across Jordan.
A Woman Empowered

For Khalida Khreisat, a microloan of $450 from Tamweelcom was all that it took to change the trajectory of her life. A stay-at-home wife living in the Balqa’a governorate in Jordan, Khalida – who had a diploma in accounting, was able to work from home making ceramics and build a customer base. She opened her own workshop and employed 4 young women and 3 young men. Her small business enabled her to educate her 2 children, buy a car and contribute to the household expenses. Khalida continues to flourish as a businesswoman who sells her products to hotels, and local and international customers.

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In recognition of its innovation and commitment to social responsibility, financial transparency, and management efficiency, Tamweelcom has received several awards and ratings such as:

  • 2019 Social Rating - Microfinanza Smart Campaign – Client Protection Certification - Microfinanza
  • 2013 King Abdullah I Award for Excellence – Large Service Category A- Rating for Overall Performance – MicroRate
  • 2011 4/5 Social Performance Rating – MicroRate A- Rating for Overall Performance – MicroRate Telecoms World Middle East Awards Recognition
  • 2009 The Schwab Foundation Middle East Regional Social Entrepreneurship King Abdullah II Award for Excellence – Private Sector Category
  • 2009 Performance Award in Microfinance– Sanabel Microfinance Network of Arab Countries A Rating for Overall Performance – MicroRate 3/5 Rating for Social Performance - PlaNet
  • 2008 Number 1 Microfinance company in Jordan and the Arab World – The MIX, Market Classification
  • 2007 A- Rating for Overall Performance – MicroRate Pro-Poor Innovation Challenge Award - CGAP (Consultative Group to Assist the Poor) *Tamweelcom was the first company in the Arab World to win this award.
  • 2006 Financial Transparency Award - CGAP (Consultative Group to Assist the Poor)
  • 2005 Merit Award - CGAP B+ Rating for Overall Performance - PlaNet