Ethmar for Islamic Microfinance

Ethmar for Islamic Microfinance was established in 2015 as Jordan’s first Islamic microfinance institution in order to address the supply and demand gap for acceptable loan services for many in Jordan and the region. As a private shareholding company licensed by the Central Bank of Jordan, Ethmar utilizes an innovative and inclusive financial Sharia-compliant model by offering a variety of Islamic modes of financing such as Murabaha, Ju'alah, and Istisna'a.

Through a diverse network of more than 1,000 merchants, Ethmar provides opportunities to improve the standard of living and reduce unemployment of low-income individuals.

Financial solutions are provided to support:

  • Licensed entrepreneurs to develop their businesses through the purchase of production machinery and equipment in the commercial, service, and industrial sectors.
  • Owners of home-based businesses to establish or develop their existing businesses through the purchase of goods, machinery, tools, and equipment.
  • Employees and retirees to purchase goods such as home furniture, home maintenance, electrical and electronic appliances.
  • Students and Career Professionals to acquire a 2-year Diploma, 4-year Bachelor's degree, or a short-term vocational and technical professional certificate in high-demand fields, including software engineering, pharmacology, logistics, hospitality, and automotive engineering.

The pioneering students and career professionals program was launched in 2019 in collaboration with several technical colleges and vocational centers, to effectively contribute to decreasing the rate of unemployment. Youth - even those without a high school diploma, unemployed university graduates, and others, can pursue education in a field that is in high demand in the labor market. Several partners in the program guarantee up to 80% employment opportunity upon graduation.

Dania’s Woodwork

Dania Fouad had recently acquired a small wood engraving machine to start her own home-business to produce wooden home accessories. She applied for financing from Ethmar and received the support she needed in less than 24 hours! Her new business quickly began to flourish. Dania approached Ethmar once more to expand her business to meet the increasing demand on her creative items. Dania is now self-reliant with a business that continues to grow, selling her work in several bazaars and exhibitions throughout the year.


  • Ethmar was awarded the 2018 Global Islamic Micro Forum Award for developing a financial tracking system for Islamic compliant loans.
  • Small and medium entrepreneurs increased their income by 42%, and 81% of them hired an average of 2 employees.
  • Young clients have grown to 40%, using Ethmar’s services to continue their life-long learning and attain a better future through the educational program.
  • Ethmar’s success in financial inclusion is evident as 80% of their clients to date are first-time recipients of financial services.