Focus Areas

  • Education

    The Jubilee Institute provides opportunities for public and private school teachers, scholarship students and their families from diverse backgrounds, to access state of the art education, training and curriculum development.

  • Socio -Economic Empowerment

    The Community Development Program, Tamweelcom, and Ethmar for Islamic MicroFinance provide access to work opportunities, loans, equity investments, and enterprise development for women, youth, and the marginalized.

  • Comprehensive Family Healthcare

    The Institute for Family Health provides services and training on healthcare, child protection, and psychosocial support for survivors of conflict, gender-based violence and trauma.

  • Research and Advocacy

    The Information and Research Center promotes effective and sustainable socioeconomic development through research and recommendations for policymakers and development advocates.

  • Culture and Society

    The National Music Conservatory and the National Center for Culture and Arts promote arts appreciation and education, as well as the use of performing arts as a medium to promote awareness on critical social and cultural issues.

  • Capacity Building

    Sharing over 35 years of our best practice models in economic empowerment, education, family healthcare, and cross-cultural understanding with countries throughout the MENA and West Asian regions